Sts. Quattro Coronati
Time seems to stand still within these blessed walls. Silence and peace,
perfection and peacefulness fill up the place like placid waters, leaving the noise of Rome outside.
A precious cloister whose harmony is a healing spell for the soul.
Sometimes history leaves a sort of island which remains for centuries untouched, lagging behind the main flow of wars, emperors and popes. On the Coelian Hill you find such a secluded treasure: the monastery of the Sts. Quattro Coronati, floating over time and ages as an immutable ship that was launched when the Western Roman Empire was dying. A ship enveloped in the shadowy legend of the martyridom of the Quattro Coronati, and still preserving the rare atmosphere of the early Middle Ages.
The inner, concealed cloister is the core of this amazing time capsule: a gem of placid tranquillity, set in a fence of slender, elegant double columns, protecting the tinkling waters of the central fountain from the careless ugliness and heartlessness of the modern world outside.
Enjoy the silence of the cloister in the monastery of the Sts. Quattro Coronati: a fresh spring in the desert for the dryness in your soul.
On a height at the foot of the Coelian stands fortress-like the very old church of SS. Quattro Coronati which dates from the fourth century. The artist who signs himself Paulus [...] was the first of the marmorari romani, [he] built the lovely cloister about 1113. This is the earliest Roman cloister remaining.
Words from The Grand Tour
Edward Hutton, "Rome", 1909
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on the Coelian hill, reached from the Colosseum
Via dei S.S. Quattro, 20 - Rome
Monday to Sunday 10.00/11.45-16.00-17.45
small offer required
Ring the bell at the door on the left aisle of the church for visiting the cloister