Parco degli Acquedotti
Giant arches running the countryside dominate the landscape
and the heavy stonework of the aqueducts built by the Roman engineers
seems to emerge from the grass just as in ancient times
Like stone giants, the seven roman aqueducts crossing the Parco degli Acquedotti stride their way from the distant hills to downtown Rome. The modern city is all around you, but no concrete building can be seen. You walk in the grass, looking at the massive archways of the aqueducts. Water once flowed in the ducts high above, bringing life to the capital of the Empire, providing water to a million residents and supplying the richest public thermae in the city center.
Centuries have gone, but this scenery has not changed at all: Grand Tour's travellers beheld just the same roman countryside, the most-renown "campagna romana", and the most talented among them depicted in their drawings and watercolors the same arches, the same sun shining over the high pillars of dark stone.
Immerse yourself in the Parco degli Acquedotti: a walk in this impressive site is higly rewarding and a source of intense emotion.
Go thou to Rome,óat once the Paradise
The grave, the city, and the wilderness;
And where its wrecks like shattered mountains rise,
And flowering weeds, and fragrant copses dress
The bones of Desolationís nakedness,
Pass, till the Spirit of the spot shall lead
Thy footsteps to a slope of green access
Where, like an infantís smile, over the dead
A light of laughing flowers along the grass is spread.
Words from The Grand Tour
Percy Bysshe Shelley, "AdonaÔs", 1821
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Via Tuscolana (Metro A - Giulio Agricola station)
entrance from Via Lemonia (Church of St. Policarpo)
open Monday to Sunday
admission sunrise to sunset
free entry
From the entrance in Via Lemonia, go through the archways and then keep your left to access the most impressive remaining sections of the aqueducts