Villa Doria Pamphilj
Roman pines, fountains and a magnificent Palladian-style palace welcome you to the Villa Doria Pamphilj.
Nature and gardening craftmanship have met to create a wonderful scenery among trees and flowing water.
A park with no apparent boundaries that can be explored for hours in search of picturesque views.
Upon entering the Villa Doria Pamphilj, you immediately breathe the same ambiance that historical, high-rank patrician families in Rome used to experience in their summer palaces and gardens.
Nature is all around you. But here you see a crafted nature, where each pine tree, each fountain, each piece of antique marble is set on purpose to convey the idea of persistence of the classical world, up to which the Pamphilj and Doria families liked to trace back their ascendancy.
You can explore the intricacy of the woods, or walk quietly along the magnificent lakeside watching the birds flying to and fro the small circular island, or enjoy the vertiginous windings of the Italian-style garden lying beside the palace. within the Villa Doria Pamphilj, sheer beauty is at hand in many different forms. And it's up to you to choose the way charming grace shall enter and soothe your soul.
Those amongst my readers who would fain see a realization of the exquisite gardens of Armida and vary their pleasurable sensations by passing rapidly from the more cultivated precincts to the wilder beauties of simple nature ought by all means to visit the villa Pamphili where art has lavished all its resources in the production of wonders. Tritons and nereides are to be seen in the depths of dark caverns filled with water. Your imagination peoples these delicious groves with sylphs and each fountain with its Naiad. You will often find yourself in the midst of a group of English girls, as fresh as the dew of morning whom you will gladly assist in gathering wild flowers...
Words from The Grand Tour
Jean Baptiste de Chatelain, "Rambles Through Rome", 1851
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on the Janiculum hill
Via di San Pancrazio - Rome
open Monday to Sunday
admission sunrise to sunset
free entry
A thourough visit of the Villa will include a stroll up to the farthest edge on Via AUrelia Antica, where you can find a smaller but exquisite lake and garden